Chef Ankit Gaurav

Gold Medalist by West Bengal State Council for  1st position in WBSCTE exams’09, 14 years of extensive experience with top hospitality groups including, Hilton, Taj, ITC, and Radisson.  

I am working in many fields to promote Millets and how to use millets in our daily food lifestyle. I have also written a book (available on Amazon) Millet Mania with lots of millet-based dishes that we can add to our daily food habits.

I have been part of various food summits, Culinary workshops, and panelists with Knowledge Summit presented by the Indian Culinary Forum. 

As a chef by profession, I have the privilege of cooking food of my choice. With the help of this internet interaction, I would like to share my knowledge of various foods and how we can make them healthy even keeping them yummy.

Millet Mania - Easy Home Made Millet Recipes

Millet Mania has been developed keeping in mind the need to highlight the benefits of millets and their uses in kitchens.

It gives an insight into various types of millet, their health benefits, and their use in modern cooking.

This book helps the common man to understand millet cooking techniques and clears the myths about millet. 

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Dishes By Chef Ankit Gaurav

chef ankit

How Salty Should Pasta Water Be?

It’s really a great question to answer, because i have never measured salt in the recipe. It was accordingly as per your taste. Salt is always consider”to taste”. I have never measured the salt in

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Khoba Roti y Chef ANkit

Khoba Roti

Khoba is a Marwari word , which means cavity or depression. It is one of legacy bread preparations from Rajasthan. This is a  thick roti that goes well with any curry dish. Traditionally this roti

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expensive wasabi by Chef Ankit

Why Wasabi is So Expensive?

As sushi is so popular around the world, it is natural that there would be a huge demand for real wasabi. Wasabi is a plant of the Brassicaceae family. A paste made from the ground

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