Bell Pepper & Cheese Noughat

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1. Red bell pepper20 gm
2. Yellow bell pepper20 gm
3. Feta cheese80 gm
4. Pecan nuts10 gm
5. Hazelnuts10 gm
6. Jalapeno5 gm
7. Dried apricots20 gm
8. Black peppera pinch
9. Saltto taste
10. Parmesan cheese20 gm
11. Parsley25 gm
12. Bread crumb10 gm
13. Balsamic vinegar75 ml
14. Sugar15 gm


  1. Take a deep bottom pan, pour balsamic vinegar mix with sugar and keep for reducing on slow fire.
  2. Toast the pecan nuts & hazelnuts, slice thinly. Fine sliced the jalapeno & apricots.
  3. In a bowl mixe pecan nuts, hazelnuts, apricots &  jalapeno with feta cheese. Adjust seasoning. Keep aside.
  4. Deskin the bell pepper, keep aside the thinly slice the bell pepper’s skin. In a square mould, set the bell pepper on the wall of mould. Adjust the corner.
  5. Pour the mixture in the cavities, equal from all sides. Keep in a fridge for rest.
  6. Pour the parmesan cheese in a frying pan and cook slowly from both sides, till the cheese becomes crispy. Take out & cut the cheese in a triangular mould.
  7. Wash and pat dry the parsley leaf. Mix parmesan cheese, parsley leaf & bread crumb, fine grind it. Strain the powder & keep aside.
  8. Demold the bell pepper.
  9. In a rectangular plate, spread the parsley dust in a rectangular shape. Keep the bell pepper on the top of the plate. Pour the balsamic vinegar as a droplet on the plate. Garnished with Parmesan crisp.