Methi Gud aur Khus Khus Roti I Jaggery and Poppy seeds Sweet Bread

Jagery and poppy seeds bread by Chef Ankit

Gud /Jaggery is a  traditional raw sugar obtained by evaporating water from sugarcane juice.

sugarcane by chef ankit

Jaggery is made of the products of sugarcane and the toddy palm tree. The date palm jaggery  is more costly. The toddy palm is tapped for producing jaggery in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Jaggery is much healthier than sugar. Jaggery contains molasses, which is a by-product of the sugar making process. Molasses are usually removed when making refined sugar.

Jaggery by chef ankit

Jaggery can be grated or crushed up, and then used as in any food or drink.  It is claimed that it improves .digestive health, anemia prevention, liver detoxification and improved immune function.

gud by chef ankit

Poppy seeds

Poppy seed /Khus Khus /Posto is the seed from the poppy plant. Poppy seed is a dried seed of papaver somniferum.The stem of this plant is smooth and thick waxy coating.This seed has nutty aroma and taste.

poppy seeds by chef ankit

This is a rich source of thiamin, folate, and several essential minerals, including calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and zinc

Poppy seeds are added for thickness, texture and flavor to recipes. Poppy seeds are used in many regional Indian dishes. Poppy seeds are widely used in Kashmir as a topping on various breads, especially kulcha. Aloo posto is one of the famous Bengali regional foods.

Prep time:06 hrs

Cooking time: 30 mins

Level: Intermediate


  1. Maida – 80 gm
  2. Poppy seeds / Khus-khus  – 01 tsp
  3. Poppy seed, soaked overnight, paste01 tbsp
  4. Desi ghee  – 01 tbsp
  5. Jaggery ,grated – 03 tbsp
  6. Salta pinch
  7. Baking powder01 tsp
  8. Elaichi powder (green cardamom) – a pinch
  9. Milk01 tbsp


  1. Warm milk, add jaggery and mix. Add saffron strings in milk and keep aside.
  2. Make a bay in maida. Add salt, baking powder and elaichi powder and khus khus paste.

  3. Add milk and desi ghee and make smooth dough, cover and keep aside.

  4. Divide the dough into 02 equal sizes.

  5. Flat dough with a rolling pin, spread khus khus ,and cook the bread on a tawa from both sides till golden colour.

  6. Brush with desi ghee and serve hot.