Tomato Soup – The Best Comfort Food | Home Made Recipe

Tomato soup is one of the top comfort food. The first published tomato soup is mentioned by Eliza Leslie in 1857 in her final publication New Cookery Book.

Many variations are available for tomato soup but I am writing this recipe as my grand maa was preparing at home. This recipe is  very close to my heart.

You can also try this at home. The same recipe I am using for my bona fide guest which they like very much.


  1. Wash, dry and roughly cut the vegetables.
  2. Add bay leaf, onion, garlic in the stock pot. Sauté for few minutes until vegetables are aromatic and tender.
  3. Add tomatoes, sugar and salt. Stir for few minutes until you can see the tomato starting to brown and caramelized.  Add water /vegetable stock.
  4. In another pan heat butter and add flour. Cook till sandy texture. This is called Roux. Roux is the equal quantity of butter and flour cooked together till sandy texture,  used to thicken the dish.
  5. Add roux in the tomato soup and simmer for 30 minutes. Add basil in the soup. Basil will give a sweet aroma to the soup.
  6. Puree in the batches and strain, return to the pot. Simmer for few minutes. Adjust seasoning.
  7. Serve in a soup bowl, garnish with cream and bread croutons..
  8. For Bread Croutons: Take white bread slice, remove edges. Cut the bread in square shape and deep fry till golden color.